“Chien-Yen Orchids” is a world-class producer of the orchid Phalaenopsis, we are a family owned business and our green houses are located in Taiwan at the Tainan Orchid Plantation covering an area of 45,000 square meters. Our orchids are developed from innovative methods and cultivated with state of the art facilities, starting from dust-free tissue cultivation rooms, indoor climate controlled greenhouses, to the prevention from pests of all kinds in order to maintain the integrity of a professional production management. We provide year round supplies of the highest quality orchids in all stages from bare root to mature pot plants in addition to cut flower of a wide variety of colors as well.
With our newest technology on indoor climate controlled greenhouses and unique cultivation methods; we can provide a steady supply of orchids all year round. Our products include orchid flask seedlings, small plant, middle plant, mature plant and plant with stalk blooming pot plants, and a wide variety colors for cut flower.
We are the main grower/ supplier in cut flower market and our customers are all over Japan, Asia, North America, and other European nations. For domestic sales, we distribute different grades of pot plant orchids that had earned the highest level of affirmation from our wholesale partners.
Visit us in Taiwan and experience the beauty of orchid!